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regular contributor


The Florida Review / Aquifer

graphic novelette

Best American Comics nominee

'Gentlemen Prefer Diamonds'

(introductory essay)

Simon & Schuster, 2019

essays & others


The Massachusetts Review

And the Temple of Doom Town


That Which Is Difficult: Poetry at West Point

The Chronicle Review

Full Metal Racket 

Modern War Institute

The End of the End of Sykes-Picot

Going All-In on The Great Game?

New Haven Review

Once, In a Holy Land


A Word for the Sum of the Dead

Colorado Review

Lonesome Gnosis


American Indian Culture and Research Journal

UCLA American Indian Studies Center

the 1771-1772 trial & execution of Moses Paul


Jansenism and hope in Graham Greene's The Third Man

Nineteenth-Century Studies

Nineteenth-Century Studies Association

Britain's empire and historical imagination in Kipling's fiction

Studies in Burke and His Time

Edmund Burke Society of America

Edmund Burke, Jacobites, and the Seven Years' War 

Mississippi Quarterly

race and selfhood in Robert Penn Warren's Band of Angels

Gothic Studies

International Gothic Association

Capt. Frederick Marryat, gothic horror, and the Lower Canada Rebellion 

Four Score of American Literature (University of Toledo Press)

Literature of the Early American Republic

Cooper's Leather-Stocking and the American Revolution

Brokering Culture in Britain's Empire and the Historical Novel (Rowman and Littlefield)

Choice Reviews, recommendation

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